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For me woodturning is like treasure hunting, as I turn the wood I uncover the treasure hidden inside. The shape and colours I use should be what a picture frame is to a picture. They should show the wood off to its best effect. I like to use either reclaimed wood or wood that was destined for the fire. My aim, working with nature, is to create beautiful and unique pieces.


Our Process

I collect most of my wood from community wood recycling  projects and from local tree surgeons. I dry and prepare the wood for turning and wait until the wood tells me what type of object and shape it should be. I like to work with the grain, the figure, the bark, the burrs and even any rot in order to bring out the beauty in the wood. I am happy to take commissions.



There is a small sample of my work that is for sale in the shop. If there is something you see in the gallery that you like or you would like to commission something similar please  contact me.

Sporting Memorabilia

Collecting the Manchester velodrome wood

I lime to recycle/reuse wood especially wood with some history.

I like to recycle wood especially if it has some history

Cutting it down to size


This is going to be a segmented bowl with milliput inserts and marbling effect.

Segments being cut and sanded


This is a four ring bowl  with 16 segments in each layer. The segments in each layer are different lengths.

Gluing up the rings


If I have cut the segments accurately each ring of 16 segments should form a perfect circle.

Putting the bowl togther


The rings need to be carefully glued together. Each ring has been through a thicknesser and sanded so the joins should be perfect.

Turning the bowl


The bowl is 5 mm thick, 15 cm deep and 38 cm wide.

Sporting memorabilia

Milliput inlay


I thought the bowl should replicate the slopes of a velodrome and the track markings.

Blood sweat and tyre rubber


Although the actual bowl is made from the Siberian spruce from the Manchester velodrome. I wanted to have a piece of the actual track surface in the bowl.

Great British success.


The outside of the bowl is decorated with a red, white and blue marbling effect to represent the movement of bikes around the velodrome.


Sporting Memorabilia

The finished large bowl


 I was able to make three bowls from the wood I got. I think they capture the excitement  and history of the velodrome. 

The finished bowl from the side


The finished large bowl from the base


A smaller bowl


Small bowl from the side


Small bowl from the base



I do several markets throughout the North  of England. Details of events I am attending will be posted below.

Event Details

  2020 program to be published soon.

Event Details


Event Details


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Contact me today to discuss a commission. I have worked on many projects including bowls, vases, lights, light pulls, Christmas decorations, wedding decorations, plates, shields, wall art and cremation urns.

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Beech wood triple loop


(£20.00 shipping)

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Beech wood triple loop


Yew bowl and clock


(£10.00 shipping)

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Ash maple leaf


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Elm Burr Resin Globe


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Beech bowl with terracotta inlay


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Segmented and offset oak vase


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